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Catto Neethling Wiid Inc. is a boutique family law practice offering personal services to private clients.  The practice has been in existence since 2007. The practice focuses on providing holistic advice in commercial divorce matters; and also provides advice on a wide spectrum of family law and related matters, including: maintenance, guardianship and care of minor children, contact with minor children, paternity disputes, rights of fathers of children born out of wedlock, child-care, foster parenting, adoption, detention orders, child abuse and placement of children, same-sex rights issues, regulation of relationships for cohabitees, domestic violence, variation of matrimonial property regimes, rights of cohabitants, claims relating to alienation of affection, adultery and enticement, substance abuse, rehabilitation orders, maintenance claims of children and spouses against deceased estates, guardianship issues arising from religious and cultural marriages, family mediation, antenuptial contracts, international child abduction (as regulated by the Hague Convention) as well as child mobility and relocation.


All three of the partners are committed to one vision for their new venture: to provide an excellent service to their clients with an impervious and unrivalled reputation. We make decisions which require all of our input efficiently with a healthy level of debate to ensure that the best possible result for the firm is achieved.